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We manufacture a complete line of standard and custom technical furniture and office furniture. Including but not limited to video editing desks, height adjustable desks,  height adjustable desks for multiple monitors, video production furniture, control room consoles, digital video production editing desks, and audio production furniture.

Standard and custom products for professional use.


From fixed to height adjustable, from office to control rooms, from one to multiple monitors we have you covered. Our Vanguard line of desks offer unique monitor mounting solution and the ability to mount up to 12 screens on a desk thats height adjustable. We have corner desks and desks with built-in equipment racks, audio production desks.

Please see Standard Products see all our standard offerings.

Custom camo desk height adjustable with drawer bank
Ergo Vanguard Arc 84 with custom finishes for TV show.
Desk is camo wrapped and has wood grain finishes on drawer bank and modesty panel. 



From a single unique desk to a complete facility we can build what you want. We build all manner of custom control room furniture for TV stations, data centers, mission control, utility control rooms, NOC centers, 911 dispatch, education, really anywhere custom integration of furniture and electronics take place.

Please see Custom Products for more information

Custom control console and monitor wall