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Ergo L Height Adjustable L-Shaped Desk

Ergo L height adjustable L-shaped desk
Height adjustable L-shaped corner deskErgo L adjustable desk returnL-shaped adjustable desk raised

The Ergo L is a L-shaped height adjustable office desk.  A great choice for a height adjustable corner desk or a freestanding desk.  Utilize your corner space efficiently and comfortably with this ergonomic adjustable height office desk.  Order in left or right hand versions and with optional drawer banks to make your desks more organized.  Drawer banks attach under return and effect desk configuration so they can not be retrofitted later.

See also Ergo Corner adjustable height office desk for another corner option.

Standard colors: 
Graphite Nebula
Amber Cherry (standard)
A few suggestions: 
Asian Night - bamboo in charcoal tones with black graining
Carbon Mesh - pattern weave of charcoal and carbon grey.
Somky Topaz a glossy charcoal grey small scale quartz/engineered stone design accented with light taupe, black and blue-green chips.
Empire Mahogany
Silver Alchemy a subtle striation of silver and grey with warm grey crossfiring create an abstracted visal of metal or wood.
Asian Sun a vertical grain bamboo in tones of gold and brown with sienna and dark brown graining.