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92 Max Rack Desk with Railmount Monitor Track

91 Max Rack Rail multiple monitor desk with rack mount

With the monitor track you can mount multiple monitors or confiure a wall of monitors. The 14 RU equipment rack can be attached on the left or right side, or a second rack can be added. Optionally you can order it without a built in rack. Built in 14ru equipment rack Desk top is 29" high. Monitor bridge is 35 1/2" high. Monitor supports doubles as four above desk top rackmount openings (3RU 5-1/4"high EIA standard with 10-32 screw holes). We laminate the top and the bottom for extra rigidity. Price includes crating

Standard colors: 
Graphite Nebula
Amber Cherry (standard)
A few suggestions: 
Asian Night - bamboo in charcoal tones with black graining
Carbon Mesh - pattern weave of charcoal and carbon grey.
Somky Topaz a glossy charcoal grey small scale quartz/engineered stone design accented with light taupe, black and blue-green chips.
Empire Mahogany
Silver Alchemy a subtle striation of silver and grey with warm grey crossfiring create an abstracted visal of metal or wood.
Asian Sun a vertical grain bamboo in tones of gold and brown with sienna and dark brown graining.